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Outpatient Drug Rehab

Such rehab centers offer drug treatment programs especially for those drug addicted individuals who wants to forgo the option of getting admitted and staying inside the rehab center during tenure of their treatment for various reasons like:

  • Affordability- Inpatient programs are more expensive than outpatients drug rehab centers because inpatient program providing rehabs have to take care of the admitted patient from scratch; about their food, medication, attendants to supervise 24×7 etc.
  • Individuals who do not want to stay away from their families during their withdrawal as they are both physically and dependent on them.
  • Those who have social and economical obligations- Those who are the sole bread-earners at their home prefer to go through the treatment without getting admitted in the centers.

Types of Drug Treatment Programs Offered by Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers:

  • Individual Therapy- The patients are counseled on one to one basis where psychologists guide the addicts mentally on a psychological level through their ordeal.
  • Group Therapy- Addicts in the rehab center with closely similar kind of addiction history and undergoing treatment in the center are brought together in a group where they are made to discuss their grievances and experiences which helps them like a therapy to shed off some load and guilt off their shoulders.
  • Family Therapy- At the time of treatment the patients need their families the most, it is their support which makes them stronger and motivates to live better days with them. At the same time, the families also undergo a lot of inner turmoil to see their loved ones in such condition, they need to be motivated too so that they can be a strong support.
  • Alcohol and Drug Education- Patients are educated about harmful effects of alcohol, heroine, cocaine etc.
  • Spiritual Therapy- Addicts usually lose faith in God, such therapies are aimed to rekindle a ray of hope in the patients that God has not forgotten them and he will definitely take them through this ordeal.
  • Relapse Prevention- How to keep oneself away from drug addiction after they have fully recovered even when they are not scrutinized anymore.
  • Networking & Socializing- Those under influence of drugs usually cut themselves off from their social life because drugs hugely bring about behavioral changes.

New York City is home to some of the world’s best drug treatment centers. If you live in and around New York call us at (866) 531-4569 today for further information.

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