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New York Cocaine Rehab

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a natural pain blocker, which is bitter in taste and very addictive if abused or overused. It is extracted from the leaves of a plant known as Erythroxylon coca which is found in South America. This plant is also termed as coco scrub and is considered as one of the most powerful natural stimulant ever discovered. When Coca Cola was first introduced, it contained 9 milligrams of Cocaine per glass. In the year 1903, it was removed; but still today, Coca Cola contains cocaine flavours.

How Is Cocaine Taken/Introduced To Your System?

There are mainly three ways to introduce cocaine into a human body:

  • Snorted: In this method, the person snorts cocaine directly via nose. Powered form of cocaine is used for this method, and is considered one of the famous methods.
  • Injected: Cocaine is diluted in water and injected via syringe which directly mixes with the blood stream. This method is considered dangerous as AIDS and other diseases can be transmitted via using shared syringes.
  • Smoked: Cocaine is rolled onto cigarettes and smoked like marijuana. While smoking, cocaine directly mixes with the blood after passing through lungs. Very harmful method as lungs can get infected.

How Addictive Is Cocaine?

Laboratory researches have confirmed that cocaine is highly addictive drug. It has the power to completely control the human mind and make his its slave. There have been instances recorded where mothers sold their child; husbands sold their homes and professionals taking loans amounting to millions of dollars to keep this deadly habit alive. Scientists have discovered that long time users of this addictive drug can have their frontal lobe in brain disfigured and even damaged. Once brain parts start deteriorating, other body functions too get affected and eventually the whole body fails and the final result is death.

The Rise of Crack Cocaine Usage In New York City

Crack is a derivative of cocaine, which is made by powdering cocaine and then boiling it in water or baking soda or in some cases ammonia. Crack is mostly smoked, which transmits huge quantity of drug into the lungs of the addicted person. The usage and overdose of crack and cocaine in general has witnessed a huge surge in the New York city, and has resulted in several hundreds of deaths. As per a report published in New York Times, there were total of 478 cocaine related deaths in New York City during 2007-2008. The sale of this illegal drug has touched a magnitude of millions of dollars every year, and is posing great danger to the overall health and prosperity of the society in general.

How To Find Cocaine Rehab In New York

If you are searching for a cocaine rehab in New York, then we can certainly assist you. We have an elaborate database of the best crack rehab in New York along with best cocaine rehab centers in New York city with high success ratio and excellent facilities. Please email us or call us at (866) 531-4569 for more information related to New York drug rehabs.

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