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There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about halfway houses and who, specifically they are designed to help. Contrary to the opinion of many people, New York halfway houses are NOT homeless shelters. The individuals who live in halfway houses are those who are in transition between alcohol and drug rehab and the real world. Now known in many circles as “sober living homes”, halfway houses can be a key element in an individual’s after-care program – providing a place to regain self-responsibility after years of personal chaos brought on by addiction.

To help clear the air on common misconceptions about halfway houses in New York, here are several myths about these facilities, and the real facts behind them.

Myths and Facts about New York Halfway Houses

Myth: Halfway houses are free

Fact: While the proprietors of halfway houses do everything in their power to make the cost of a stay affordable to every individual, the programs are not a public service and therefore have a cost associated with them.

Myth: Halfway houses are just for men

Fact: While there was a time when all halfway houses were exclusively for male residents, in New York and around the country there are now many facilities designed exclusively to help women in recovery. These halfway houses for women offer a safe environment for the individual and in many cases, their children.

Myth: Halfway houses are only for those who have completed rehab

Fact: Many individuals staying at a halfway house are likely to be in the process an outpatient alcohol or drug rehab program. In fact, if the individual does not have a strong support system at home, the halfway house offers a unique opportunity to find stability during the rehab process.

Myth: There are no rules at the halfway house

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. Halfway houses are only as successful as their rules and regulations – and how closely they are followed by its residents. Rules at a halfway house are designed to maintain the safety of everyone who is living there, and can include: no drugs or alcohol on the premises, no guests after hours and others. Simply put, the rules are similar to those found at most college dormitories.

Myth: Halfway houses are not allowed in most residential neighborhoods.

Fact: Generally speaking, there are halfway houses in most major cities, as well as smaller towns throughout New York and elsewhere around the country. There are no zoning regulations regarding the facilities, and most exist comfortably with its neighbors in the area. Obviously, in more populated areas (such as New York City) there are more individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol, and therefore the call for halfway houses is greater.

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