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New York Drug Detox

A Brief History

The New York we know today is a well-known, constantly growing business center and is popular all over the world. It is also a very tourism friendly state due to its historical heritage as well as for those who want to have a taste of the expensive, fast and the all-famous ‘night-life’ of the city. In other parts of the world it is known as “city which never sleeps”! Being the center of business from where people from all over the world come up to earn their livelihood, this mix-culture as well as monetary power of people to spend has brought in problems of excessive drug abuse. But, only this recent modern-culture is not to be blamed alone, the city has a drug history of its own dated back to the 1970s when the federal statistic showed up to 5 million users which rose by 31% in the next two years and has gone steeping since then.

Several laws and attempts to get the addicts clean from drugs were taken during the time but failed to cope up with the increasing aggressiveness of spreading of drug abuse until in 1973 when the Rockefeller Drug Laws were applied where individuals found with possession of either four or more than four ounces of narcotics were subjected to up to 15 years of imprisonment; almost equivalent sentence for a second- degree murder. Since this milestone on America’s warpath with drug abuse, the usage consequently reduced and finally in 2004 under pressure of various critics, the conviction was relaxed to 8-20 years from the fixed 15 years of imprisonment sentence.

Drug Detox Facilities in New York

Though the strict laws of conviction with possession of drugs still remain there is considerable amount of drug usage still prevailing at the same time there is no lack of hope for individuals who want to come clean of their drug addiction and lead a life of sobriety. There are various drug detox facilities in New York which cater to drug addicts who wants to fight with their addiction to regain control of their lives.

These drug detox facilities treat the addicts with their special detoxification programs under which the patients undergo medical check ups, counseling and various kinds of therapies to bring back control on their minds and bodies. By the end of their treatment duration addicts are more sober and in better health.

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