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Prescription Drug Detox

Rise of Prescription Drug Addiction in the US

The regular use drugs and alcohol has given rise to its addiction. The past decade saw a phenomenal rise in drug addiction and rehab treatment centers and to get through withdrawal symptoms prescription drug detox is often needed. Prescription drug detox in many cases is mild and the idea behind this is that it must first eliminate the present needs and pains of the body before the actual abstinence. The rise in use of drugs leads to addiction and when the patient is regularly treated with prescription drugs the physical and psychological dependence on it gets established and people cannot stop despite desperately desiring to. There are mostly three categories of commonly abused prescription drugs: Opiates, Benzodiazepines and Stimulants.

Common Prescription Drugs of Addiction

Some of the common prescription drugs of addiction are: Oxycontin and Vicodin in the opiate category; Valium and Xanax in the Benzodiazepines category; and adderall and ritalin in the stimulant category.

Addiction to Prescription Pain Medication

The addict’s body gets used to the continuous level of drugs it is consuming and when the drug is withdrawn it reacts negatively. It creates both physical and psychological dependence. After prolonged use one cannot cope with the pressures of even daily chores without the prescription drugs. To maintain the ease and comfort that comes with prescription pills the patient has a difficult time maintaining an adequate supply of pills.

Symptoms of Addiction to Prescription Pain Drugs

Withdrawal symptoms of chronic opiate addiction: Some of the symptoms to chronic opiate addiction are damage to kidney, liver, nervous system, bleeding within stomach, respiratory damage and decreased libido. Once the addict becomes dependent on opiates the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful. Some withdrawal symptoms are, vomiting, itching, drowsiness, insomnia, diarrhea, irritability, dizziness and abdominal cramping.

Withdrawal symptoms of Benzodiazepines’ Addiction: People rely on these medications to change their physical state. These meds does not resolve the underlying issues contributing to their need for them. Benzodiazepines dependence creates a state of constant stress or panic. On the other hand some people may appear extremely relaxed. Withdrawal symptoms are seizures, poor coordination, confusion, depression, irritability and joint aches.

Withdrawal symptoms of stimulants’ Addiction: Withdrawal symptoms of stimulants include drug cravings, confusion, fatigue and depression.

Prescription Drug Detox

People suffering from prescription drug addiction generally have chronic pain or mental health issues requiring the attention of inpatient drug rehab unit. The medication in these cases has to be carried out without using addictive medications. Once the patient’s condition is stabilized he should be a part of residential drug rehab program and learn to cope with pain. All underling issues that have contributed to the addiction are addressed and care is taken to prevent a relapse.

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