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Rapid Medical Detox In NY

During sober moments people who are addicted to drugs decide to stop using them, but the pain being too severe they are unable to abstain for long and resume taking drugs. If the pain can be minimized then they may successfully stop taking drugs.

What Is Rapid Medical Detox?

Rapid Detox is an anesthesia assisted drug detoxification procedure that attempts to make withdrawal pain-free. These detox centers offer to place the patient under full anesthesia so that there would be no pain or discomfort and when you wake up you will be detoxified from the drug.

Rapid Detox Procedure in brief:
Most of the rapid detox centers use the following list of steps as a part of treatment

  • The patient is anesthetized for a few hours.
  • During this period, a drug is injected that forces the patients into withdrawal.
  • After waking up from anesthesia, the patients will be given drugs for withdrawal symptoms like: vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, diarrhea, ]aches in joints and muscles.

During rapid detox procedures general anesthesia is given to completely knock the person out to relieve them of the trauma their body is enduring. General anesthesia causes a patient to be unconscious and the risk includes permanent organ damage and memory dysfunction or memory loss. Studies show that rapid detox can be pain-free only during the period the person is under anesthesia. It is sometimes life-threatening and withdrawals are as severe as those of addicts using other detox methods and have no great advantages over the other approaches. According to a study one death occurs for every quarter million people receiving general anesthesia for surgery whereas one death occurs for every 10,000 receiving anesthesia during the rapid detox procedure.

Cost of Rapid Detox

Rapid detox is much more expensive as compared to conventional inpatient drug rehab. Based on the structure, rapid detox costs between $5,000 and $10,000 during the initial phase of treatment. An equal amount may be charged to include all the aftercare treatment and therapies. High-risk patients may run up higher bill. On average, one rapid detox treatment program costs the same or slightly higher than a month’s traditional detox treatment in a private facility.

How to find a rapid detox in New York?

There are very few rapid detox centers in USA and much fewer in New York. Many listings show only two rapid detox centers in the city of New York. Though health insurances often pay for client’s treatment in a rehab facility it does not cover the cost of rapid detox. This is largely due to the high risk factor and its status as an experimental treatment.

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